Skin Care after 30 years old. Part 1


What happens to our skin after 30years old? What kind of care does it need? How to slow down the aging process and keep your skin elastic for years? Our two-part article will tell you how to take care of your skin effectively after 30 years old.

Skin Care after 30 years old. Part 1

How does your facial skin change after 30 years old?

Why do we see the first signs of aging? After 27–30 years of life in the facial skin metabolism slows down, reducing production of elastin and collagen — connective tissue proteins, which ensure its resilience and strength. The sebaceous glands start to produce less sebum, so that is why the lipid layer of your skin is gradually reduced. The horn layer becomes thicker. The cells get less oxygen required for their renovation.

As a result, your skin gradually loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and vulnerable to harmful factors: air pollution, low and high temperatures, solar study, bad habits and bad makeup. The lack of connective tissue proteins causes first wrinkles between eyebrows and around eyes. The accumulation of horny cells on the skin surface deprives its healthy glow.

All these processes are natural and inevitable, but do not worry: you can delay it significantly, if you timely begin to think how to take care of your skin and make it regularly. It is necessary to use facial care cosmetics containing collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other active reducing agents, as well as periodically visit a cosmetician who can help you to organize care and achieve tangible results in the short term. Besides, now you just need to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Stages of skincare

Stage 1 — purification

As before, it is necessary to start care procedures with cleaning of outer integument skin from fat, dirt and dead skin cells that prevent access of oxygen and cause blockage of pores processes. If washing in the morning is enough, then in the evening it is required a deep cleansing of the skin, which allows to prepare your skin for basic care.

For thorough but gentle facial cleansing at home, you can use the following LOOVIR cosmetics:

  • Rejuvenating Purifying Peel Mask contains unique natural ingredient — extract of papaya, which dissolves the connective tissue of dead skin cells and helps to safely remove them from the skin.
  • Gentle Nourishing Cleanser enriches the skin with oxygen and minerals from the Dead Sea. The product contains natural oils and extracts, so it does not cause effect of tightness — on the contrary, after washing your skin becomes wonderfully soft.

To rinse cleansers try to use spring water or boiled water. The water should be warm: cold causes vasoconstriction, hot — expansion, both of which harm the normal skin cell operations.

Stage 2 — Recovery and toning

Before you apply the basic care cosmetics it is necessary to prepare your skin for their active resistance. Use tonics for this purpose: completing the process of purification, they restore the skin’s moisture balance and make it the most receptive to care.

LOOVIR Facial Balancing Active Tonic, among other things, has anti-inflammatory effect: contained calendula and geranium oil soothe and repair damaged skin, if any.

Stage 3 — facial massage

Basic facial massage can and should be carried out independently, but fortunately, it does not need to contact the professionals: enough to remember a simple technique and arrangement of basic massage lines. Almost all of them are from the center to the periphery and face up from the chin to the ear lobes, from the corners of the mouth to the ears, from the nose to the cheeks, from the nose to the temples, from the middle of the forehead to the hair line. Finger movements on the massage lines should be smooth and soft, without strong pressure.

For facial massage it must be light, but soft cosmetics that can be applied to your skin without the risk of oversaturate. For this stage the LOOVIR cosmetics provides modeling Oxygen Sculpturing Hydro-gel. Texture gel allows making smoothly massage of your skin for 10–15 minutes, and after the procedure, you will see that it is noticeably smoothed and freshened up.

On the remaining stages of skin care after 30 years old, we will discuss in the second part of the article. Do not miss the valuable advice of our cosmeticians!


Other tips


Skin Care after 30 years old. Part 2

In the second part of the article we will focus on the most critical stages of care — nutrition and hydration, lifting and peculiarity of day and night care.


Facelift at home

Lifting is procedure necessary to restore skin tone and firmness. Meeting with age-related appearance changes, women around the world resort to various types of lifting and successfully get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin, become more precise contours cheekbones and chin.


Body Care: how to keep your skin young

Taking care of the face and hair, we often do not pay enough attention to body care. And absolutelyin vain: it contains much less sebaceous glands than facial skin, so it needs regular hydration and nutrition. Without proper care body skin becomes thinner and flaky, and the slightest microtrauma and cracks do not heal for weeks.