Hair care, professional advice


Our hair is rarely retain the natural beauty in the modern city: polluted air, temperature and humidity, bad habits and eating «on the run», as well as aggressive painting and hot drying cause the hair to become brittle and porous, lose their luster, whipped and fall. Many people know the dandruff problem: stress, weakened immunity and the effect of the fungus leads to the formation of a plurality of dry flakes that spoil the appearance of our hair and mood.

Hair care, professional advice

Good and tender care and high-quality cosmetics with natural ingredients will help you to gain a beautiful and well-groomed hair.

Fundamentals of proper hair care

Proper hair washing and everyday care will help you to maintain the natural structure and beauty of your strands of hair and to get rid of many harmful effects of the environment.

  • wash your hair with warm water only, not more than 45 degrees;
  • applying a detergent, thoroughly massage your scalp, rinse shampoo and then apply it again; in such way you will get rid of all the dirt and let your hair soak up all useful components of the shampoo;
  • brush your hair before washing and after washing let them dry out, and only then use a comb;
  • if possible, dry your hair in a natural way; when blow-drying, try to keep it at a minimum distance of 40 cm from the head.

Cosmetics for hair care: how to choose and use

Cosmetics for hair is selected primarily based on their type:

  • Care for oily hair must include some cosmetics to regulate the sebaceous glands, as well as light plant extracts which do not weigh down your hair. In LOOVIR line for oily hair Mineral Shampoo for oily hair and Black Mud Hair Mask for oily hair and scalp are presented. Both products contain minerals from the Dead Sea, aloe vera and vitamins, regulate the hydro-lipid balance, give your hair lightness and freshness for a long time.
  • Soft, nourishing shampoos, conditioners and masks with oils and extracts will suit for dry and normal hair will suit. You can use shampoo and hair conditioner without fear of hair heaving and volume depriving. We recommend a LOOVIR cosmetics duet — Mineral Shampoo for normal to dry hair and Revitalizing Balsam Conditioner based on the Dead Sea reducing complex
  • Care for damaged and colored hair should be especially careful and intense. Mineral Hair Mask for colored and treated hair from LOOVIR contains vitamins A, E, C, and jojoba oil. This is a perfect nutritious cocktail that will help to restore damaged hair structure.

To strengthen the roots of your hair of any type and to improve along the entire length, use a mask based on natural ingredients: oils, plant extracts, white clay, mud every 1-2 weeks together with shampoo and conditioner.

Remember that your hair needs special care in hot and cold season: do not neglect headdresses and saturate your diet with vitamins A, C and E, iron, calcium and protein.


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