Body Care: how to keep your skin young


Taking care of the face and hair, we often do not pay enough attention to body care. And absolutelyin vain: it contains much less sebaceous glands than facial skin, so it needs regular hydration and nutrition. Without proper care body skin becomes thinner and flaky, and the slightest microtrauma and cracks do not heal for weeks.

Body Care: how to keep your skin young

Heat and cold, tight underwear and synthetic fabrics, medication and a change of weight — all these factors accelerate aging of our protective cover, lead to losing its firmness and elasticity. To return the body former beauty is much more complicated than the face, so the regular, high-quality skin care, body care should start as early as possible.

Several useful habits that your body will love

  • Cool and contrast shower helps to cheer up in the morning and to restore power at night, resulting skin tone and improving the immune system;
  • Massage helps in blood circulation, restores vitality to the skin cells and whole organism;
  • Peeling with natural abrasives does not only clean your skin from keratinized upper layer, but also improves cellular respiration and gas exchange, removes harmful substances — toxins from the surface of your skin;
  • Regular visiting of the sauna and steam room cleans, disinfects and significantly rejuvenates the entire organism.

Cosmetics for body care: the selection and using

A basis of competent care is a good moisturizer for body. The cream should have a light texture and a nutrient-rich composition. It should be applied after shower, with gentle massaging movements, paying particular attention to areas with the most dry skin (stomach, thighs, buttocks) and the places that are undergone to intense friction of clothing (winter — neck and decollete, waist).
You can achieve a noticeable softness and elasticity of your body skin with Moisturizing Body Cream from LOOVIR. It consists of Dead Sea minerals, antioxidants, aloe vera extract, shea butter and patchouli, so the cream actively moisturizes and nourishes even the driest skin.

Body Scrub is an indispensable tool in your home beauty arsenal. A good scrub contains abrasive particles of natural origin, that do not scratch the skin and gently remove dead skin cells. We recommend scrubs on the basis of sea salt from LOOVIR: they not only exfoliate, but also nourish and soothe the skin due to the content of oils of sweet almond and wheat.
Oil for body skin is a wonderful nourishing elixir that turns a thin, dry skin in the elastic and velvety. For regular maintenance, you can buy special cosmetic oil, normal baby body oil, or use pure olive, coconut, lavender or sandalwood oil, argan oil and shea.

It is recommended to use healing sea mud together with oils. It is not easy to find such cosmetics in stores: for example, Dead Sea Black Mud from LOOVIR with olive oil and algae can be bought in cosmetic and medical-aesthetic centers where professional cosmetologists will tell you about all the subtleties of its application and some DUTY FREE stores as well.

Regular and comprehensive body care will allow you to be liberated, to feel attractive and desirable. Start taking care of yourself today!


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