Oxygen Sculpturing Hydro-gel

After first use of Hydro-gel on the basis of oxygen-mineral complex of Dead Sea noticeably smoothes your skin out, smoothes wrinkles and nasolabial folds out. Under influence of the gel skin metabolism accelerates, your skin is being saturated with oxygen and is actively being updated.

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Oxygen Sculpturing Hydro-gel


The product contains seaweed extracts which improve the elasticity of your skin, vitamins A and E to improve the regeneration and skin structure alignment, aloe vera.

Directions for use

Apply the gel to your face skin lavishly. Massage your face for 5–10 minutes in gentle circular motion on the massage lines upward, starting from the chin, then move on to the area of the cheeks, around the eyes and forehead. Pay particular attention to areas of nasolabial folds, forehead, corners of eyes. The remains of the gel delete with a damp cloth, then apply Balancing Active tonic.

100 ml.

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