Gentle Nourishing Cleanser Loovir

The cleanser is necessary for skin deep cleansing and enrichment of with oxygen and minerals from the Dead Sea. After washing with the cleanser there is no sensation of dryness and tightness. The complex of natural oils and extracts moisturizes skin, making it soft and tender.

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Gentle Nourishing Cleanser Loovir


The cleanser is prepared on the basis of cream; it does not only perfectly cleans, but also makes your skin soft and elastic. The product contains vitamins B5 and E for improving regeneration, vitamin C having antioxidant activity and oils: castor one provides moisturizing, jojoba oil is necessary for elasticity, grape seed oil tightens pores.

Directions for use

Apply in a circular motion on wet face skin by massaging gently for 1–2 minutes, focusing on areas such as the nasolabial folds, forehead, corners of the eyes. Rinse with warm water, and then carefully dry the face skin with a towel.

250 ml.

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