Oxygen rejuvenation device

A lot has been said about the oxygen benefits in people’s life. You can see it even in ordinary life. Due to lack of oxygen in the room a person begins to feel headaches and extreme fatigue, the brain works poorly, working capacity reduces and it is hard to concentrate. The lack of oxygen can lead to edema and water retention. Our procedures are aimed for general facial rejuvenation and overall health of human body.

You may recall the example of celebrities’ life. Do you all know Michel Jackson? He used the latest developments to improve the quality of life and prolong youth, and besides this, he slept in an altitude chamber, which provided breathing with concentrated oxygen.

The positive effect of oxygen to our skin has been proved long ago. Since the moment of oxygen cosmetics creation the scientists have being worked on development of oxygen devices which improve penetration of oxygen cosmetics active components. It was necessary to arrange a pure oxygen flow on the parts of cosmetics impact

How does it happen?

LOOVIR cosmetics contains active nanoparticles, which collect oxygen molecules, dissolve them and direct into the deep skin layer together with the active components.

There are 2 methods of the device using: active and passive.

When the active method is used, pure oxygen is supplied under pressure creating a fine stream, which is connected to LOOVIR cosmetics activator in the incoming flow.

  1. Clean the face with LOOVIR Gentle Nourishing Cleanser, after that apply LOOVIR Balancing active tonic.
  2. Take the handle, produced the stream of oxygen and activator, and direct it on the wrinkled skin. Start your work top down:
    • Forehead
    • Eye area
    • Nose and cheeks
    • Nasolabial folds
    • Chin and face contour
    • Neck and decollate
    Get going with the stream 2-3 times on wrinkle directions, started from the mid-face along the massage lines. On the forehead – from the center to the temple along the wrinkle lines.
  3. Pay special attention to the lower eyelid. Impact on the lower eyelid improves blood and lymph circulation, reduce swelling and bags under the eyes; dark circles under the eyes disappear.

Second method is passive:

  1. Use LOOVIR Gentle Nourishing Cleanser and Intensive care night mask after.
  2. Cover face with a plastic mask connected to the oxygen device.
  3. Pure oxygen activates cosmetics and enriches skin with the oxygen.

The rejuvenation skin effect and human brain enrichment are actively going together. And all organism is enriched through the respiratory system. This procedure helps to increase overall metabolism, facilitate breathing, improves the lymph system and accelerates the tissue regenerating. In addition to this the wrinkle depth is reduced, production of your own collagen and elastin becomes restored, the sleep is improved – all these lead to relaxation of the whole organism. Regeneration processes become restored as well.