Today the brand Loovir is actively spreading; there are some distributors in Russia and CIS countries already. The cosmetics is distributed in medical aesthetic centers and beauty clinics. List of cities and countries where you can buy this cosmetics is constantly growing.

We can save these children

Each year cancer carries hundreds thousand of lives in different countries . Each of us, in one way or another, faced with this terrible disease: loved people, friends and relatives left us; some people managed to recover, but the fear of recurrence of the disease lived with them for years.

According to medical statistics, every year there are about two hundred thousand children are diagnosed with "cancer." Half of them die due to lack of access to modern treatment.

Cancer has mercy on nobody: often children suffer by tumors in various parts of the body. To get rid of the disease, they and their parents are required enormous amounts of money: chemotherapy drugs, surgery is often performed abroad only, hundreds thousand and millions of rubles

What can we do already today?

Loovir brand since its inception has been actively involved in charity work and helping young patients of cancer centers all over the country to get a chance at life. We actively cooperate with the charitable foundation; act as a fundraiser and also transfer our own money for parents of children with cancer. Several children have successfully been treated in Israel hospitals and now their lives and health in complete safety.

We urge each of you not to be indifferent. At this very moment hundreds of boys and girls aged from a few months up to 15-16 years, bravely fighting for life without hospital wards and drop counters, without pain and suffering. Even a small amount is enough, so they finally got the hope to become adults, healthy and happy people.

We sincerely believe that together we can help lots of people. Join us in the fight for the lives of children with cancer. Charity is a simple and affordable for everyone!